Alternative Wedding DJ

For most people their wedding is one of the most significant events in their life and it is probably the biggest and most expensive party most of us will ever throw. Although the music may seem like a less important consideration than ‘the dress’ or the catering it is one of the most important elements in the success of the wedding-day and is often what people remember most.

I am very conscious of the trust placed in me when I am booked to play for a wedding party and I put in a lot of preparation to ensure that the night is a success. I can also draw on years of experience of performing at weddings and special family occasions.

Most couples who book me as their wedding DJ are passionate about music and of course are eager to ensure that all of their guests thoroughly enjoy the night. My particular strengths as a DJ include breadth of musical knowledge and a comprehensive multi-genre music collection, but also my genuine enthusiasm for what I do as well as the ability to adapt to the audience to ensure that the dance floor is full for the night. I have years of experience playing to diverse audiences at clubs, festivals and corporate events and am known for my eclectic and highly danceable sets; this experience combined with my professional approach underpins my reputation as one of the best wedding DJs in Ireland and as the DJ of choice for couples who decide not to hire a band.

When you book me as a wedding dj you can expect a personalised service. I will work with you to ensure the music on the night reflects your tastes while drawing on my own knowledge and expertise to ensure the dance floor is jumping. I prepare a customised set list for every wedding that I play and I always offer to meet up with couples (in person or via Zoom if that is more convenient) to run through the music in advance of the wedding. I encourage couples to think about their preferences in advance of our meeting – the mixes posted on the website here can be a useful guide.

DJ only Wedding receptions

Increasingly many couples are choosing to forego a band and book a DJ only for the full night of their wedding. Apart from the financial savings there are a number of advantages to going DJ-only including greater likelihood that the music will reflect your own tastes as well as increased flexibility on the night and less time lost to setting-up of equipment etc. If you decide to go with the DJ-only option it is essential that you select a professional DJ with experience of entertaining wedding parties for the full evening.

Over the last few years I have begun to specialise in DJ-only weddings (see below for advice on this topic). There are a number of – verifiable – testimonials on this page from couples who booked me as their sole entertainment, all of whom have expressed their appreciation in glowing terms. Something I have recently begun to offer is the option of a themed show at the beginning of the evening’s entertainment. I started DJing at Sugar Club Dublin in 1999.

If desired I can also play at the drinks reception before the meal and/or during the meal.