I have been facilitating Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Dance events since 2019.
I was the resident DJ at Sugar Club, Dublin, for around 12 years,
and I have played at Electric Picnic, Body & Soul,
and other festivals and events around Europe and the States.
I feel fortunate and privileged to make a living from my music supervision work
and DJing at events for over 25 years.

What is Ecstatic Dance & Why is it important?

Ecstatic dance is a movement practice that energises you to express yourself freely through dance. There are no choreographed routines or moves to learn. You do your dance in whatever way you feel like expressing yourself. You can also express yourself in stillness and move internally with the support of the music. It is an opportunity to practice being in your body instead of your mind, and it is important to keep breathing while you dance. I give some guidance at the start and some warm-up exercises to help participants settle into their bodies.

I started facilitating Ecstatic and conscious dance events in 2019 to create a space where people could get into movement and dance in a safe and supportive place without alcohol. I also incorporate breathing and meditation practices to help participants settle into their bodies. More and more people are becoming open to expressing themselves with the support of music and the collective energy of gatherings without the need for drugs and alcohol.

Having a communal place where people can come together is essential. At the events I run, people need to gather together and dance without the need for alcohol or drugs. What I love about the dances I have is the broad age range, from people in their early twenties to late sixties. You do not need to be a dancer; more importantly, you must be willing to allow your body to do the talking by moving as you are.

The hormone dopamine is associated with motivation, curiosity, and reward. When oxytocin is released in the brain, we experience interpersonal connections with other people, and it promotes feelings of trust and human connection. Serotonin is a chemical that supports emotional contentment and ease of heart. The endorphin system is activated when we dance, which allows us to feel more positive and see things from a different perspective.

Dancing releases many hormones, making it a healthy way to get your daily dose of goodness.

In my dances, I also incorporate a connection to others’ exercises.

I trained as a drama workshop facilitator, and I bring elements from that training into my dance events. For participants to fully relax in the dances, they have to feel safe and supported, and I do this with guided practices so people can connect to themselves and others.

The music I bring to the dance floor covers many genres at my own dances.

Playing ethno-trance, folktronica, French pop, fun music, Psy Trance,
afro house, electronic and trance, house and heart opening, sacred, and more. Some of the artists I play are Mose, Sam Garrett, East Forest, Dead Can Dance, Polo & Pan, Sofi Tukker, Neelix, Phaxe, Zuma Dionys, Sahale, Lemon & Soul, Aurora, Yaima and many more.

Dancing & Music & its Power to Create Change

Music and dancing can evoke change in consciousness.
Music and dancing is about unity, healing and the transcendent power of shared human experience.

Dancing can be many things

An expression of being human
A representation of culture
An excellent form of exercise.
Improve Psychological well-being
Social connectedness